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They are easy enough to overlook, but the locks on our doors are some of the most critical security measures on any structure. Unfortunately, for as good as a security system may be, it won’t do much good if your doors don’t latch or are loose and easy to force open. At A to Z Locksmith Scarborough, we offer more than basic locksmith services; we specialize in improving security measures for home and business alike. If you’re looking for ways to boost the security measures for your Scarborough home or commercial property, here are a few of the services we offer:

Commercial Locksmith Scarborough Services

Protecting your business physically is just as important as the virtual measures you take to protect your information. At A to Z Locksmith Scarborough, our specialty is providing installation, repair, and consultation services to improve your property’s physical security. This can include measures such as:

  • Access control system installation – Control who can and cannot enter your building, or even just certain parts of your property. This includes keypad entry systems as well as a card or fob-based systems to give you the control you need.
  • Door closer – and panic bar installation/repair – your security is only as functional as your doors. Ensure they close correctly and meet building safety codes.
  • Commercial door repair and geared continuous hinge installation – commercial doors see a lot of heavy use; keep them working smoothly
  • Lock installation and repair – of course, if your doors don’t lock, or the bolt is loose, your security system won’t do much good. Keep your locks in good repair, or upgrade them to something more heavy-duty for improved security

If you are unsure what would be most beneficial for your property, give the A to Z Scarborough Locksmith team a call; we are happy to arrange a consultation so we can customize our services for your needs.

Residential Locksmith Services

While you may not need methods quite as heavy-duty and long-lasting as those of commercial property, the security measures for your home are no less valuable. It’s essential to make sure every entry point to your home is secured, even your patio door or garage door. We can offer everything from basic services like re-keying and lock installation to more high-security measures like a high-security deadbolt or keyless entry system installation.

When you’re looking to improve your security, start with your locks and doors first. Contact A to Z Locksmith Scarborough today to get started securing your Scarborough home or business!

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