Locksmith Etobicoke

It may not seem like much, but a door’s lock is one of the most impactful security measures you can have, for both home and business. When a lock malfunctions on your home, it could mean a brightly shining invitation for a burglar to make off with your valuables. If you’re a business owner, that risk is even higher because of the number of unknown people that may cross your threshold on any given day. Make sure your home and business are adequately secured with correctly installed locks. For more exceptional security measures for your Etobicoke home or business, let the A to Z Etobicoke Locksmith team put our experience to work.

Residential Locksmith Etobicoke

Your home doesn’t necessarily need a constantly-monitored home security system for the best level of safety and security. The best security starts with the right locks and proper installation. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and you’d like your locks re-keyed, or you want to improve security, A to Z Etobicoke Locksmith can help. We can upgrade your doors to high-security deadbolts, repair a broken lock, or install a keyless entry system for improved ease as well as security. If you want to protect your family and your valuables, our team is happy to arrange a consultation so we can offer suggestions based on your home’s needs.

Commercial Locksmith Etobicoke

Do you have a door that is hanging on by a thread—or a hinge, as the case may be? Doors that see a lot of traffic need a bit of a boost to be secure. Whether your doors need a door closer upgrade or panic bar installation, our team can help you secure your space. We even offer high-security lock and access control system installation customized for your building and needs.

Keeping your doors in good shape is just as important as how well the locks work. After all, if a door doesn’t latch, the lock isn’t going to be effective. Want to help those high-traffic doors last longer? Ask us about installing geared continuous hinges; with a quality brand like SELECT, you can expect doors with continuous hinges to last more than 65 years of use, on average. If your doors have trouble latching on their own, we can help with door closer installation or repair, as well.

If you’re looking to improve the security of your Etobicoke home or business, trust the local experts. Contact A to Z Locksmith Etobicoke today to get started!

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