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You don’t necessarily need the most advanced technology to keep your home or business adequately secured. With attentive installation, a primary deadbolt lock can be plenty of security enough to inhibit a burglar from breaking in. Of course, if you’d like stronger security measures for either commercial or home use, trust the experts. A to Z Burlington Locksmith has the knowledge, experience, and training to help you find the right security measures based on your needs and location. Want to know more? Here is what our Burlington locksmith team can do to help:

Residential Locksmith Burlington

A locksmith can do far more than pick a lock; our jobs would be pretty dull if that’s all we did all day! Our primary goal is to help you ensure your home is as well-secured as possible. We do this through proper, professional installation of all locks; of course, we also have the expertise to know which high-security locks, security door guards, and other options will be best to help protect your home. And, if you’re interested in even more control over your home’s security, ask us about installing a keyless entry system! Start with a no-obligation consultation to see what the A to Z  Burlington Locksmith team can do to help improve security for your Burlington home.

Commercial Locksmith Burlington

By and large, a home only needs security on the external doors and windows. A business, on the other hand, may require additional layers of security and access control, primarily if your work deals with confidential or potentially hazardous materials. Sorting out how to protect your business, inside and out, without restricting access so much it drives customers away can be a fine line to walk. Let us help you sort out the best system to meet your business’s unique needs. Our commercial locksmith services include:

  • Card/fob access systems
  • Panic/emergency push bar installation and repair
  • Geared continuous hinges for heavy-traffic doors
  • Door closer installation and repair
  • Heavy duty/commercial door installation and repair
  • High-security locks
  • Master key systems and “Do Not Duplicate” keys

And so much more that isn’t listed. We aim to customize a security system based on your business’s structure and needs, so no two systems will be exactly alike; instead, your system will be unique to your security needs. To get started, contact the A to Z Locksmith Burlington team for a consultation and see how we can help your Burlington business’s security and more!

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