• Door Closer

    The door closer is an important part of a door hardware system. Their primary role is to shut the door once opened, as well as to keep the door shut in case of a fire, keep the weather outside whether it's the wind, rain or heat. In cases when there is access control required it pulls the door to lock every single time to prevent unauthorized access to the facility.

    Furthermore, it's important to keep door-closers properly tuned because if the door closer is too weak or slow it will result in the door not being pulled all the way back to the latching point. If it's too fast or the oil has leaked out of it, will result in the door slamming and potentially breaking the glass or damaging other hardware on the door or frame.

    Choosing The right size of door closer is also important, often we come across of door closers that are not the right fit for the door they are installed on. There are few factors to consider when installing a door closer, first of all, is the building code. Commercial and residential buildings and facilities require appropriate hardware, size and weight of the door, especially relevant is the volume of traffic. Installing the wrong door closer will result in the closer overworking and essentially breaking down much faster than normal.

    In most commercial establishments it's required by law to, have door closers installed, and in most cases today it's also required to have an automatic handicap accessible door closers.

    You can rest assured that we are familiar we building codes and requirements, and use the best brands on the market such as LCN, Dorma, LSDA, STANLEYHUNTER to provide you reliable and durable hardware as we believe in doing it right the first time!